Preventing Equipment Documentation Loss with REA Notes

Tired of losing important equipment documentation? Wasting valuable time searching for long lost documents that should be easily accessible? Relying on other companies to store your project data at a high cost? … REA has the solution for you!

A new feature available in REA’s Equipment List is the ability to save online documents for the valuable equipment in a building, preventing the loss of important data and improving overall information management.

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Dynamic Reporter Spotlight: Improved Understanding of Equipment Loads for Energy Managers

An energy manager’s journey with a client typically starts with an energy management plan to holistically understand the building’s operations, mechanical/electrical/controls equipment, and energy consumption data. During creation of the energy plan, an energy manager will create and analyze an equipment list to better understand all equipment information and work to build a relationship between equipment and energy consumption data.

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Dynamic Reporter Spotlight: Optimized Conservation Program Design for LDCs

Independent System Operators and Local Distribution Companies often design conservation programs for equipment without knowledge of the actual quantity, age and size of the installations in a region. Optimal program design can only occur when the exact information is known, so the program can target precisely the clients and equipment that are to be replaced with support from an incentive program.

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REA’s Dynamic Reporter Gives Your Data New Life

CoEng Advisors has been hard at work lately revolutionizing how energy and asset management is practiced with the development of REA, our Robo Energy Advisor. The advantage of implementing REA in a facility is moving away from the model of static engineering documents (energy audits, building condition assessments, etc.) and transitioning all information into a live cloud environment. Having your data in REA saves professional’s time, improves data sharing, promotes greater collaboration, and allows for powerful database reporting.

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Keeping an Engineer in Your Back Pocket

Organizations practicing energy and asset management in their building(s) typically have the following options to consider:

  1. Hire a full-time energy manager – which can be expensive.
  2. Hire consultants for each individual scope of work to be done (energy audits, retrofit project management, etc.) – which also becomes expensive when multiple consultants are used, as you are paying each firm to tour your whole building and learn all the ins-and-outs before starting the actual scope of work.
  3. Designate existing employee(s) as Energy Champions and have them work towards reducing energy consumption and costs while doing their original job – this can be very valuable with the proper support group , especially when they have an engineer in their back pocket to guide them along the way!
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Reduce Asset List Generation Time by 90%

The most time-consuming aspect of any energy audit or Building Condition Assessment (BCA) is the site visit to a client’s building to capture all the equipment information. The process used by most professionals today is as follows:

  1. Bring your mobile phone, or a digital camera, to take photos of all equipment.
  2. Bring a note pad, or use a mobile app, to take notes during your site visit.
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