How An Organization Doubled Production while Keeping Hydro Cost Increase to Only 25%

Our previous blog post explained the initial work CoEng did with our Licensed Producer client, Agripharm, making sure the optimal rate structure was utilized for their Ontario facility. It was explained that the wrong rate class could cost up to $250,000 annually, which made it a high priority for 2019 to make sure the “Class A Global Adjustment” rate was used.

The following article explains how this Class A rate will also allow for production to double, while keeping electricity cost increases to only 25%.

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What is Your Building’s Energy Star Score (if any) Telling You?

The Province of Ontario has mandated that buildings as small as 50,000 square feet publicly post their electricity, gas, and water consumption along with their Energy Star score. CoEng recently completed various EWRB applications for our clients to ensure compliance with the annual July 1st deadline. The program in Ontario allows for buildings to enter their general info and energy/water consumption into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager software, and receive an Energy Star score to identify how the building is performing relative to similar building types. The score is between 0 (worst case) and 100 (best case). A score of 50 indicates average performance, and a score of 75 or more indicates a high performing building.

CoEng had a new client come to us 2-weeks before the reporting deadline to support them with their EWRB application. The client, who was part of a Fortune 500 company, had their information validated and entered by CoEng… they were surprised and concerned to see a low score of 35!

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