Continuous Energy Management in the Dynamic World of Buildings

Energy management is a strategy that must be implemented continuously to achieve successful results in the dynamic nature of buildings. The dynamic components of buildings include items like energy consumption, energy rates, maintenance activities, equipment retrofits, seasonal changes and the flow of information.

With buildings being a dynamic entity, energy management cannot be practiced in static events every few years. Instead, energy management must be implemented on a continuous basis to ensure every utility bill is analyzed, the most cost-effective utility rate structure is being used, and maintenance/retrofit projects are coordinated effectively to ensure project benefits are maximized while risk is minimized.

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Preventing Equipment Documentation Loss with REA Notes

Tired of losing important equipment documentation? Wasting valuable time searching for long lost documents that should be easily accessible? Relying on other companies to store your project data at a high cost? … REA has the solution for you!

A new feature available in REA’s Equipment List is the ability to save online documents for the valuable equipment in a building, preventing the loss of important data and improving overall information management.

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