The Energy Waste Sensei — Hardware or Smart-Ware?

So far in Ninja_Happy800your training with me, the Energy Waste Sensei, we’ve worked through our high-level strategy to mitigate our highest peak and highest electricity cost. We’ve also talked about when to include a battery system as part of fulfilling your peak electrical demand, so that its implementation comes along with the lowest cost of ownership.

As we continue our journey, I’d like you to keep in mind that there are many ways to solve our energy consumption challenges. Not all solutions require intense hardware implementation! This leads us to our next topic. Have you considered other options besides hardware to reduce your energy consumption?

Keep Motivated, Keep Learning!

But, Sensei Bruce! We’ve already reviewed a pack of useful kinds of technologies in our training. Why keep looking further? Because a good Energy Waste Ninja always keeps an eye open, looking to learn more! After all, you know how challenging it is to develop strategies that reduce power consumption and overall dependence on non-renewable energy to ultimately decrease your energy costs.


Take for instance the recent changes in Ontario’s hydro billing classifications. These present a major opportunity for certain kinds of electricity customers (Possibly you!) to save BIG. However, you must inquire quickly as you only have until June 2017 to act. Luckily, I can help with a peak shifting strategy to save up to 80% of your bill… and I’ll guarantee $20,000 in electrical cost savings! We know that with the right tools and experience, you can make intelligent energy decisions that generate revenue and reduce your energy spend. With that, I want to tell you about a new opportunity from CoEng Advisors, designed exactly with this situation in mind.

Introducing… (drumroll)… the Peak Management Course from CoEng Advisors!

In our Peak Management Course, you’ll learn how we can effectively build a comprehensive strategy for your organization fitting Ontario’s new Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program. Sensei Bruce will also introduce you to other energy saving opportunities by introducing Lean Manufacturing methodologies to your energy reduction quest. With the right tools and guidance, your organization can save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by making small adjustments to your energy usage at the right time.


Next on Sensei Bruce’s BLOG: We look at a specific example of how a small change in your manufacturing operations can bring you immense savings!


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