The Energy Waste Sensei — Bringing You New Techniques to Win on Reducing Peak Energy

Hello, I’m Bruce,Ninja_Happy800 the Energy Waste Sensei! I’ll be helping you on your peak energy reduction journey to help you reduce and save money, and ultimately make you an Energy Waste Ninja.

Do you feel like more can be done about reducing or shifting your peak energy consumption but don’t know what your options are? Perhaps you are aware of your options but are not 100% sure which choice to make. Well, look no more! Sensei Bruce is here to train, condition and enable your strategic ability to win energy waste battles.

Over the next 11 weeks, Sensei Bruce will provide you the moves, strategies and techniques that will enable you and your organization to start reducing peak consumption, do more with less and leverage energy resources you didn’t realize were there.

As experts in the industry, it is our mandate and duty to provide you the best energy conservation and consumption options that fit your requirements and do it in the most cost effective way.

Our fully integrated collaborative approach gives you the choices you need and command to fully exploit your energy savings initiatives — oh, and it’s good for the environment!

Stay tuned for insights twice a week from me, your Energy Waste Sensei.


Above are three approaches to energy storage solutions including the Passive Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) approach offered by CoEng Advisors.

Next on Sensei Bruce’s BLOG: A look at Global Adjustment, what it entails, and what to do to lower it!


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